Bed & Breakfast Etiquette

Bed & Breakfast owners know the value of holding rules to a minimum. No guest wants to spend his vacation being told what to do.

You can be sure nobody's watching which fork you use or whether you extend your pinkie while sipping tea. But there are some things to be aware of when you stay at a bed and breakfast for the first time. Over the years we have discovered that probably 70% of our guests have never been to a bed and breakfast before and ask us for the "rules" or to let them know what is required or expected of guests.

Bed & Breakfasts around the world are all unique and will vary by country, region and even city. Many BB's in the United States use the term Bed & Breakfast but they are really small Inns because they are not private residences and not staffed by the owners. This is our home, we sleep here, we live here, this is not a motel or hotel with staff who don't care, we enjoy sharing our home.

Here are a few things for you to consider when staying at any true Bed & Breakfast. Respectful behaviour and common sense make most of these only simple reminders.

General Bed & Breakfast Etiquette

Although some welcome "walk-ins," most will require advance reservations that will be confirmed after a credit card is used to guarantee or a deposit is made to secure the reservation. Cash payments when you leave are always appreciated by your host because it reduces bank charges made by the credit card companies. Don't assume you can pay with credit card to avoid the embarrassment that may occur.

Please bring good manners and always be respectful because your host is sharing their home with you. Bed & breakfast hosts enjoy the company of guests and enjoy sharing their home; even more so when treated with respect.

Each and every true Bed and Breakfast is someone's home, this is not a hotel with paid staff 24 hours per day, so expecting to arrive before 3.00pm or after after 9pm is not reasonable unless you have made prior arrangements. Check-in / Check-out times are so you can receive a heartfelt welcome when you arrive. Delays are a potential peril of any travel and welcoming our guests is part of making your stay comfortable and memorable. A call shortly before you arrive is appreciated. Always try to call ahead if you are going to arrive early or late. Your hosts would hate to miss you or already be in bed.

Pets, smoking, children, dietary restrictions, unusual arrival times, and outside guests are all things that should be clarified when making a reservation. Never assume you can bring a temporary bed or children or additional friends. Most B&B's have one bed per room unless they advertise a family room.

Many bed & breakfast require a bathroom to be shared between two rooms. Please leave the bathroom in the same condition as you would like to find it. If the bathroom is shared this may mean allowing time for others to shower, before breakfast.

Kitchen privileges are usually not available. Food you bring into the house should be eaten at the dining room table or on the deck and not in the bedrooms. Always ask your hosts.

Each room of a bed & breakfast has been carefully decorated. The re-arranging of furniture is best left to your hosts.

Sharing the owners books and magazines is often encouraged. Returning them to the original location is just a sign of mutual respect and appreciation.

Accidents do happen, your hosts understands please notify us of any spills, breaks or stains promptly so we can attend to them.

Danigraig Bed & Breakfast Etiquette

We enjoy meeting you at the door and making you feel welcome. Upon arrival, if we have not greeted you; ring the bell. If Volvo is on the drive please wait because we might be busy or have gone for a swim down at the beach. We will always leave a note if we are not going to be home when we expect your arrival.

Very sorry we are not "Handicap Accessible," and offer no ground floor rooms, so please expect to climb one or two flights of stairs to reach your bedroom. The advantage of this is each room offers unique views of nature, the second floor sitting area has a wonderful views of Georgian Bay.

Help us preserve the condition of our home by removing your shoes at the entrance. It helps preserve the polished floors and keeps the house cleaner for everyone to enjoy.

Our great room has HD TV, DVD and surround sound you are welcome to use. But remember your tastes may not be shared by other guests, so always use with respect of everyone. It's amazing how the absence of a TV and sound can contribute to romance and intimacy.

Danygraig makes coming and going at any hour convenient. Outside of reasonable hours, consideration for other guests by keeping noise to a minimum is appreciated. Taking showers or running the bath in the middle of the night can be romantic and fun, but not respectful of other guests.

We will enter your room to make beds and empty bins each day, if your stay is longer than 3 days your linens will be changed every 3rd day unless you request otherwise, we do try to minimize laundry to reduce our impact on the environment. if you need anything please ask. We recycle and ask that you bring items to the kitchen where we will dispose of them.

Danygraig House is on it’s own septic system so be careful what you put down the toilet. The septic system is designed to handle toilet paper and does not handle any other products, please use garbage bin provided. Danygraig House has it’s own drilled well for all drinking water, this means water supply is limited. Enjoy the shower or bath, just consider the source of the water.

Breakfast is usually "chef's choice" with a designated serving time. We take pride in our breakfasts and they require extensive preparation every morning. Please let us provide something appropriately tasty if you have dietary restrictions by letting us know in advance the night before. We will do our very best to prepare something that you will enjoy.

Breakfast is served to everyone at one time, usually at 8:00 or 8:30 or 9:00 however we are flexible, we normally ask all guests to agree on a common time. If you need breakfast outside this time please ask and we will do our best.

You may see many forms of wildlife on the property. Various woodpeckers, humming birds, golden eagles, chipmunks, squirrels, raccoons, fox, dear, and the rare black bear. Enjoy them all but don’t leave food in the car. We provide a guest fridge in the entrance hall you are welcome to use.