Expert Massage Service

Stacey Barrett is a registered massage therapist with 15+ years experience. Book a Day Spa at our Bed & Breakfast this summer.

The ultimate in pampering. We come to you with spa services & massage therapy. Great for family reunions, girls weekends, golf weekends, snowmobiling trips, bridal showers & weddings. Any size crowd can be accommodated.

You can choose to have the massage in the privacy of your room or enjoy being one with nature on our second floor deck.

Please note minimum purchase is $300.00 required for cottage call services.

    Relaxation Massage 1 Hour ..... $120
    Swedish Massage 1 Hour ..... $120
    Deep Tissue Massage 1 Hour ..... $120
    Sports Massage 1 Hour ..... $120
    You may request any combination of massage technique during your session.
    Hot Stone Therapy 1 Hour ..... $170
    Great for deeply achey muscles or having trouble getting sleep.
    Aromatherapy Wraps 2 Hour ..... $220
    Spend 2 hours wrapped in an aromatic combination of oils to improve elimination & detoxification, includes head, neck, shoulder & face massage, you will float away into a profound sleep. Detoxification or Defensive Body Wrap - boost your immune system & keep illness away.
    Salt Glow Exfoliation 1 Hour ..... $120
    Sea salts are used to remove dry skin, mini massage to apply lotion after, incredibly smooth results, excellent prior to the aromatherapy body wrap.
    Hand & Foot Reflexology 1 Hour ..... $120