I enjoy making furniture as a hobby which started back in the early 90's after watching the New Yankie Workshop and was inspired by Norm Abrahams wonderful way of teaching. The hobby started small with just a few DIY powertools and has grown over the years to now include a fully equiped wood shop with almost every power tool you can imagine. Traditional joinery techniques take many years to master, but with the help of a modern power tool "most" people can create wonderful furniture.

During my many years working on special effect software with Alias Research many colleagues would ask "would you make a certain project, I want something that is made from real wood". My reply was always the same, I do this for fun during the winter months but you are welcome to join me and I will teach you how to make a piece of furniture! Almost every year someone would join me, and learn how to take rough sawn lumber and transform this into a piece of furniture that would last a lifetime and and be passed onto the next generation. I have always loved teaching and sharing knowledge, so it was a lovely experience teaching someone with a very academic background the art of woodworking...

My work is traditional using time tested techniques using the traditional means of joinery: dovetail and mortise-and-tenon throughout, my goal is to build furniture without nails and screws. I enjoy working with Muskoka cherry because it has a wonderful colour and fine grain, my last project was Muskoka Oak which was used to create a hidden door in 12' long bookcase.

Below are some of the many projects I have created, just click on the image to view a slideshow.