Our Home

Danygraig is Welsh meaning "House on the rock". Both your hosts are English,  from Yorkshire and my wife has Welsh ancestors. Danygraig was the name of her grandmothers home in Wales

Airal View

Our Location

Our home has been hand crafted with the specific purpose of pleasure, romance and enjoyment of nature.

Our dream was to design and build a modern contemporary home in a special location; with the intention sharing this home with family and friends. In 2003 we purchased a unique 5 acres of Canadian shield with panoramic views of Georgian Bay with a short stroll to a wonderful sand beach.

The eastern coast of Georgian Bay is also known as the "30,000 Islands"; considered as the world's largest freshwater archipelago and is recognized as an international biosphere reserve by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). The biosphere reserve covers 347,000 hectares of shoreline ecosystem stretching from the Severn River to the French River.

With its spectacular glacier-smoothed islands of ancient Precambrian rock, its tenacious twisted pines, its secluded beaches of golden sand and its dramatic granite cliffs, Georgian Bay’s Thirty Thousand Islands region is one of Canada’s most breathtaking geographic areas.

Georgian Bay Photos  

Designing Our Home

Both my wife and I are designers so it was a perfect project to design together combining my skills as a 3D computer design specialist with my wife's skills as an interior designer.

The freedom of designing a custom home is a very inspiring and a chance in a life time opportunity. Unlike the traditional approach of designing a home on paper; everything was designed in the computer as a 3D digital model, where we experimented with form, function, lighting and texture. The digital approach to design provides freedom to experiment without the concerns of expensive on site construction changes. It was during this design process we decided to build a larger home so we could open a new business, which would allow us to move from the city.

In January we choose to use a local general contractor who builds Viceroy homes and in May of 2004 foundations were created and framing started in June. In early August the framing was complete and we had a wonderful water tight shell built with true craftsmanship. Our very special thanks goes to Cedarland Homes and his talented team of craftsmen, "Seldom do you find a contractor more committed to delivering quality and satisfaction to a home owner than Paul.

View from front windows  

The Construction Process

Building on the Candain shield which is solid granite is a different building process, the land is first cleared of trees and soil. You then drill 1 1/2" holes down into the granite insert pins to help ensure the concrete footings are pinned to the rock. From that point the building process follows the typical Canadain home construction process taking extra care with the insulation process.

I have included this slideshow because many guest ask about building our home directly on the granite rock.

Our Contractor

Paul Lubbelinkhof our general contractor and Mike the lead carpenter made the building process a pleasure because they are true proffessonals taking great pride in the quality of work, thoroughness, attention to detail, and delivering the project on time. The outside contractors who were recommended by Paul were also excellent.

Once the home exterior was complete and the home was watertight my wife and I chose to finish all the remaining work ourselves adding insulation, wiring, floors, kitchen, bathrooms, finish trim work, decorating and interior design. Linda & I worked 7 days a week in excess of 12 hour a on our home for 9 long months, but the result were worth all the hard work and efforts.

Our goal is to provide a romantic retreat where our guests can feel at home in a very special place. We sincerely hope you enjoy your stay as much as we enjoy sharing our home.