Danygraig Visitor Trip Recommendations

Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve

Bio Sphere

The eastern coast of Georgian Bay is also known as the "30,000 Islands" and is considered the world's largest freshwater archipelago.

Our biosphere reserve covers 347,000 hectares of shoreline ecosystem stretching from the Severn River to the French River. It contains over 100 species of animals and plants that are at risk in Canada and Ontario, including unique reptiles and amphibians.

Biosphere reserves are internationally recognized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve is one of only 13 in Canada.

Red Rock ecoAdventures - Beyond the Big Sound

Henrys Red Rock Red Rock Boat

Have you had the urge to get out and explore the scenery that inspired Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven? Have you enjoyed one of the big boat cruises operating out of Parry Sound and wished you could hop off and wander around on the rocks and dip your feet in the 'Bay?

Red Rock ecoAdventures (Red Rock Eco) offers you the opportunty to get out on the Bay, beyond the Big Sound, and explore the islands and islets that are part of the UNESCO Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve. Red Rock takes you out to wander and wonder, and introduce you to the history, ecology and natural beauty of this unique ecosystem by letting you experience it first hand.

Taking no more than four guests, they offer two separate half day adventures that start from the Parry Sound Town Dock and take you out to the islands on the edge of Georgian Bay. Each of these adventures take four hours and leave in the morning and afternoon, scheduled to meet your needs. Each adventure is led by the owners who will introduce you to the human and natural history of the local Biosphere area. You will be boating aboard the Beagle, a late model 21-foot Scout bowrider, that is not only very comfortable and enviornmentally friendly (for it's size), but is also unsinkable.

While different in their itinerary and physical demands each provides a wonderful introduction to the area and the Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve. The intent is to provide you with the opportunity to see, touch, feel and understand the natural beauty of the area. About half the time is spent 'cruising' the islands with the other half spent wandering on the islands and exploring the unique biomes that define the Biosphere.

The price for either the morning or afternoon adventure is $350 for two, $450.00 for three and $500 for four (plus HST)

Red Rock Eco Tours web site... Click here

Hire a SeaDoo and Join Your Host on a Sea-Doo Ride to the Outer Islands

Henrys Henrys Bio Sphere Bio Sphere

Boating in the 30,000 Islands area can be a tricky experience for any boater, we love packing a picnic and riding out to a remote island to enjoy the day and would like to offer to share our experience with our guests.

Many of the remote outer island areas can only be accessed safely by canoe, kayak or sea-doo, our trips are recommended for anyone who enjoys seeing nature at it's best, it's NOT about "blasting" around and jumping waves.... Having fun is manadatory but respecting the environment is requested.

The 3 seater sea-doo is extremely stable and easy to drive and requires very little water clearance, which is ideal for exploring the remote islands, pulling into a bay and then enjoying a swim surrounded by nature. To Linda & I there is nothing better on a sunny day than riding out on the bay surrounded by wilderness and then stoping for lunch Henrys or Snug Harbor or taking a picnic to an isolated island.

Guests can hire a Sea-Doo from Northern Recreations or Big Sound Marina, you don't need lots of previous experience just the desire to have fun and experience nature at it's best. Normally we can only join you on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, but happy to provide guidance and take you to our special treasured remote locations.

Festival of the Sound

Festival Festival

Welcome to the 30th season of Canada’s premier chamber music festival in Parry Sound, Ontario. From July 17th to August 9th, 2009, the Festival of the Sound presents the finest classical music and jazz in the world on stage at the Charles W. Stockey...

Festival Calendar

Festival tickets from $19.00 per concert, more...

Directions from Danygraig (About 10 minutes drive)

30,000 Island Queen Cruise

Island Queen Cruise Island Queen Cruise

The Island Queen Cruise departs from the town dock in Parry Sound for two-hour and three-hour sightseeing cruises through the wild and rugged Thirty Thousand Islands region of Georgian Bay. Discover the unbelievable natural beauty of this remote region, recently designated by the United Nations as a Biosphere Reserve. Marvel at the beautiful glacier-sculpted islands, spectacular windswept forests and majestic summer retreats.

Three-Hour Afternoon Outer Island Wilderness Cruise. We recommend the 3 hour cruise because the Outer Islands are remote, wild and absolutely spectacular, the Inner Islands have a slightly more lush appearance and contain not only more diverse wildlife but also more homes and cottages. Map showing Island Queen Routes

Directions from Danygraig (About 10 minutes drive)

Georgian Bay Airways Tours

Georgian Bay Airways Georgian Bay Airways

Operating out of Parry Sound’s beautiful downtown waterfront in the Heart of the 30,000 Islands, Georgian Bay Airways Ltd. proudly offers a modern fleet of seaplanes to service your flying needs. Canada’s largest Seaplane Training Unit, Sightseeing Air Tours, Fly & Dines, Charters, and Flying Adventures are just a sample of the Georgian Bay Airways experience. Watch Movie...

The bountiful vistas of Georgian Bay’s rugged coastline await you. From gentle take-off to smooth touchdown, relax and enjoy the ride as you cruise over historic sights and pristine wilderness. Several touring options allow for a personal touch for your voyage. The water is blue and the islands are gorgeous, so please bring your camera!

Directions from Danygraig (About 10 minutes drive)

Charles W. Stockey Center for the Performing Arst

Stockey Center

The world class Charles W. Stockey Centre for the Performing Arts in Parry Sound, Ontario, sits on a 3.5-acre waterfront site overlooking beautiful Georgian Bay. Constructed out of the area's natural stone and indigenous trees, the Charles W. Stockey...

Directions from Danygraig (About 10 minutes drive)


Beaches & Swimming


Our lovely sand beach is just minutes away; Killbear Provincial Park also offers a wonderful beach to swim at.

Nobel beach is an ideal location to put in a canoe or kayak, so you can explore Huckleberry Island, Hole in the Wall Channel, Wall Island, Grave Island, Horse Island, Elizabeth Island, etc

If you have a boat or Kayak then we can provide directions to a few secluded beaches only accessible by water.

Muskoka Steamship Company

HMS Segwun

Slip back in time aboard the amazing Segwun, North America’s oldest operating steamship.

The RMS Segwun, Wenonah II, and the Wanda III offer cruises on all three of the major Muskoka Lakes. Book a variety of cruises and include lunch or dinner by reservation.

Directions from Danygraig (About 60 minutes drive)


White Squall Canoe & Kayak Center - Rated top five paddling outfitter in the world by National Geographic

White Squall

White Squall trips are limited to 8 participants in order to ensure a safe, fun and high quality trip experience for you. Trips are led by a fully qualified guide and assistant guide and often a third apprentice comes along for training. Our friendly staff will guide you on your way even if you have never kayaked before.

So come join us in exploring the thousands of windswept pine islands of Georgian Bay for a course or a trip of a lifetime!

Directions from Danygraig House (About 10 minutes drive)


Charles W Stockey - Concerts and Theatre

Stockey Center

The world class Charles W. Stockey Centre for the Performing Arts in Parry Sound, Ontario, sits on a 3.5-acre waterfront site overlooking beautiful Georgian Bay.

The Charles W. Stockey Centre for the Performing Arts is located in Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada. It houses a 480-seat Festival Performance Hall and the Bobby Orr Hall of Fame. The Stockey Centre sits on a 3.5-acre waterfront site overlooking beautiful Georgian Bay. The building opened in July 2003 and runs year-round, presenting artists of excellence and celebrating athletes of excellence.

The Festival Performance Hall is constructed out of the area's natural stone and indigenous trees. It has stunning acoustics as it was designed as a home for the Festival of the Sound, a world renowned festival of chamber and classical music which runs from mid-July to mid-August each year. Performances of all genres are presented in the Performance Hall during the rest of the year including music of all types (pop, rock, folk, blues, jazz, country, chamber, classical and world music), theatre, contemporary dance, comedy, literary readings, performances for children and community events.

Bear Claw ATV Tours

Spring Jam Spring Jam

4 hour guided ATV ride. Put on your adventure hat and get in! Bear Claw Tours provide a half day guided ATV Canadian Adventure!

No prior ATV experience is necessary! A full safety and operational instruction is given before the tour to ensure all participants are familiar and comfortable with our equipment and the safety skills needed on the trails. Each tour is accompanied by experienced guides and each ATV is equipped with a passenger seat. We provide beverages and snacks on all our trips to complete your enjoyment of the adventure.

260.00* plus tax per driver, passengers $130.00 plus tax,Youth 15 years old and under are Free

Directions from Danygraig House (About 15 minutes drive)

Craganmor Island Restaurant Cruise - M.V. Chippewa III

Enjoy a cruise down the South Channel to Craganmor's Island Restaurant, where the food and the service keeps customers coming back again and again. A fully licensed cash-bar is available onboard for your cruising pleasure.

Cragamor Cruise

The M.V. Chippewa III is the oldest member of one of the world's best known line of small ships, being an ex Maid of the Mist ship.Cruise is $60.00 per person and is 4 hours

Directions from Danygraig (About 10 minutes drive)


Hole in the Wall - Huckleberry Island

Hole In the Wall

This beautiful channel is our favourite area on Big Sound. Just wide enough for the Island Queen to fit through, the channel is famous for its 80-foot granite cliffs that you can almost reach out and touch!

If you paddle here in a canoe or kayak you can get up close and personal with this special location.

On the one side of the channel, Huckleberry Island is well known for its abundance of wild blueberries and huckleberries.

On the other side, Wall Island is said to have been a burial ground for the historic Ojibway Native villages in the area.

Sea Kayak rental $45 per day, Canoe $28 per day from White Squall

Ridge at Manitou

Ridge at Manitou

The Ridge at Manitou Golf Club is an 18-hole facility located in SCOREGolf's ON Muskoka - Parry Sound Region.

The highest rated golf course at this facility scored 7.29 making it an excellent local course.



Killbear Park


This Georgian Bay peninsula is a water lover's paradise for swimming and sailing, fishing and boating. Camp by a sandy beach, on a rocky shore or under the trees. Hike to lookouts for views of Parry Sound, that lonely white pine on a windswept rock or one of Georgian Bay's spectacular sunsets.

Provincial Park Maps

Directions from Danygraig (About 30 minutes to park)


Massasauga Provincial Park - 30,000 Islands


Stretching along the coast of Georgian Bay from Parry Sound to the Moon River, this park takes in hundreds of windswept islands as well as inland forests and lakes. Accessible only by water, it is a protected sanctuary for the Massasauga rattlesnake and home to prairie warblers, five-line skink, hybrid toads and map turtles. Moor in a quiet cove, fish for muskie and bass, camp by the bay or paddle to inland lake sites. Be sure to visit Calhoun Lodge for a glimpse of 1930s cottage life.


Grundy Lake

Grundy Lake Grundy Lake

From several lakes in this park off the Trans-Canada Highway, you can paddle to the voyageurs' route along French and Pickerel rivers into Georgian Bay. Beaches and smooth rocky shores provide excellent swimming. And mixed forest marks this area as the boundary between north and south. Hiking trails explore the forest.

Directions from Danygraig (About 60 minutes to park)



Park-To-Park Trail

Park To Park

The Park-To-Park Trail is a regional initiative to create an east-west link through Parry Sound/Muskoka Districts and Haliburton County. Connecting the Parry Sound fitness trail to Algonquin Provincial Park, this 230 kilometer length of trail is a destination for all trail enthusiasts. Expansion to Killbear Provincial Park slated for 2007.

Directions from Danygraig (About 15 minutes drive)


Port Carling

Port Carling

Port Carling, located in the most prestigous area of Muskoka Lakes, is a tourist heaven and a cottagers haven. Port Carling is only 35 Minutes away from Parry Sound and you are now in the heart of Muskoka, between Lake Rosseau, Lake Joseph and Lake Muskoka, separated be a lock system in the heart of the village.

Directions from Danygraig (About 45 minutes drive)


Port Sandfield

Port Sandfield

Port Sandfield is a nice little village in muskoka where Lake Rosseau connects to Lake Joseph. Good bakery and an excellent mariner which often has nice selection of antique Muskoka boats. You get a nice view of Muskoka cottage life at this location.

Directions from Danygraig (About 45 minutes drive)


Windermere House

Windermere House Windermere House

Founded in 1870, Windermere House has been a favourite Muskoka destination for literally hundreds of thousands of guests. Windermere House offers the timeless elegance for which it has been known for more than a century. Windermere House combines the tradition and charm of the 19th century with modern facilities and a variety of gracious accommodation. Enjoy the legendary cuisine in the Rosseau Dining Room or the informal atmosphere of the Muskoka Pub with its patio overlooking the lake. Lunch on the historic stone verandah with a spectacular view of Lake Rosseau or in the quiet atmosphere of the Sunroom.

Enjoy lunch or supper at one of the last old style Muskoka resorts and enjoy your meal look out over Lake Rosseau. Windermere House was proud to receive in 2000 the Wine Spectator "Award of Excellence" Given to only 33 establishments in Ontario whose wine list is recognized as standing apart from the crowd.

This is one of our favourite places to visit on a summer afternoon, enjoying a drink on the patio and viewing lake Rosseau.

Directions from Danygraig (About 45 minutes drive)

Village of Rosseau

Rosseau Store Rosseau Store

Picturesque village of Rosseau has a wonderful old country store that is a must for everyone, along with an excellent interior design store. Enjoy an ice cream and walk down to the lake, enjoy a swim and a picnic in the park.

Rosseau farmers market is held every Friday during the summer, discover those special delights that will tease your taste buds and compliment your table. Experience our fresh produce, smoked meats, superb baking, juried work by artists and artisans, and much more, all prepared with pride and attention to detail and with the highest standards.

Directions from Danygraig (About 40 minutes drive)

Skeleton Bay

Skeleton Bay

This is our favourite bay and place to put the boat in when in Muskoka, this quite bay is perfect for learning to water ski or exploring Lake Rosseau. Surrounded by high rock faces and many multi-million dollar cottages perched high above the lake. It's where we first started to dream of building our home up North, so this place will always hold special memories and a place where we always stop and walk along the dock. Jemma & Grandad enjoyed fishing off the dock and had fun with a big snapping turtle.

Launch you boat here and enjoy the bay then turn right to see the magnicent Roundtree cottage and Goldie Hawns cottage or turn left to go to Windermere house or straight ahead to Port Carling. This is the lake to see movie stars if your lucky or just magnificent cottages of the rich...

Directions from Danygraig (About 45 minutes drive)

Muskoka Arts & Crafts Show - Bracebridge


Now in its 47th year, Muskoka Arts & Crafts' Summer Show is Muskoka's oldest and largest outdoor art show. Set in a beautiful park, the Summer Show features 200 creative artists from across Canada. Approximately 20,000 to 25,000 enthusiastic people visit the Summer Show to meet the makers and see their work.

This is the best quality arts & craft show in Ontario in our opinion.

July 17th, 18th & 19th

Directions from Danygraig (About 55 minutes drive)



Don's Bakery

It is considered one of the hubs of cottage country located north of Toronto, Ontario. Thus, its year-round population of several hundred is swamped by thousands of seasonal residents and day-trippers. It is known as the Cranberry Capital of Ontario.

When in this area you must visit Don's Bakery and enoy a sticky bun or fruit pie, but arrive early because they are often sold out by lunch time.

Muskoka Lakes Winery at Johnston's Cranberry Marsh, is also worth stopping to sample Cranberry Wine or one of the many products made with Cranberries.

Bala Cranberryfestival in October

Directions from Danygraig (About 40 minutes drive)

Gravenhurst Antique Boat Show

Antique boat

Canadian premier antique boat show. The 30th annual show of more than 100 antique and classic boats on display at Muskoka Wharf on Lake Muskoka. Also includes outboard motors, rowing skiffs, canoes, marine hardware and boating accessories. Largest in-water display in Canada.

Adults $10, children age 12 and under free.

11th July, Annual Boat Show. Gravenhust, Muskoka Wharf.

Directions from Danygraig (About 60 minutes drive)

Grace & Speed Museum

Segwun Cruise

Operated by the Muskoka Steamship & Historical Society, this is an interactive tribute to the region's boating history. See the history of Muskoka's steamships, wooden boats and grand hotels here. Interactive displays and rotating exhibits. Feast your eyes on the Grace & Speed Boathouse, North America's only in-water exhibit of working antique boats.

Visitors can touch the past visiting a quaint 19th century lakeside hotel, or climb aboard a steamship bow, complete with working engine and whistles. Voted as one of Where Magazine's most exciting new attractions in 2006. Open year-round.

Directions from Danygraig (About 60 minutes drive)

M.V.Idyllwood - Muskoka Charter Cruise


The Idyllwood is a faithful restoration / reproduction of a 1920’s era private yacht, at 40 feet in length and fitted out with attention to detail. Wicker chairs fit in with mahogany and cherry wood panels. Oak trim and chrome fittings add to the authenticity of this private yacht. Quiet and stable, it accommodates 12 guests in luxury. Fitted with a small galley and head as well as curtains to shade the sun or keep out the rain. The Idyllwood is now finished an extensive restoration and is ready for you to cruise in style and elegance to any corner of the Muskoka Lakes.

The Idyllwood is available for charter cruises. Reservations are required.

Muskoka Fall Colours

Fall Colours

Ontario's hardwood trees are ablaze with colours in the fall. Drive from Danygraig through Muskoka is great ways to experience them, or better still a 3 hour cruise on the Island Queen, or from the air with Georgian Bay Airways (until October 13th . End of September to mid-October.

Full day touring around Muskoka


Parry Sound Golf Club


This Thomas McBroom design - completed in 1982 - replaced the original 9-hole facility established in 1929. Don't be fooled by the yardage from the back tees - just under 6,000 yards. With a premium on accuracy, this course will test every club in your bag. A conservative strategy is most effective as large numbers lurk on every hole. Enjoy!

18 holes $60.00


Fly -in-Fish - Georgian Bay Airways

Fish & Fly

Enjoy a great fly-in fishing adventure on one of two remote lakes. Partridge is actually 3 lakes in one, all accessible to you. Northern pike to 15 lbs, lots of smallmouth bass 2-4 lbs, largemouth 4-6 lbs and walleye 2-4 lbs. One 14 foot boat and two 12 foot boats with new 6 hp and 4.5hp motors and gas included. Watch Movie...

Long Moose Lake $239.95 +gst per adult, Partridge Lake $194.95 + gst per adult

Directions from Danygraig (About 10 minutes drive)

Georgian Bay Boat Rentals

Georgain Bay Boat Rental

Georgian Bay Boat Rentals offers a variety of watercraft to create your ideal vacation.

1 Day rental $349.00, $2500 credit card deposit required.





Fishing is a year-round past time in the Georgian Bay area. Most Canadian residents need an Ontario-issued Outdoors Card and fishing license tag to fish in Ontario if they are at least 18 years old but have not reached their 65th birthday. Non-resident anglers may purchase a fishing license that is effective immediately at the local sporting goods store (Canadian Tire).

If you have your own boat, there are several boat launches in town and an excellent ramp in Nobel just five minutes away; boat and trailer can be parked on our bottom driveway.

Boat charters are available on Georgian Bay or inland lakes , while great fly-in fishing adventures are available on some of the remote lakes. In the winter, there are a number of Ice Fishing Derbies throughout the area at various times - bring the whole family for a day of fun, fishing in-land lakes and on the Bay. In 2009, July 3 - 5th is the Family Fishing Weekend, when fishing is free for the weekend for all Ontario residents. Local provincial parks have a "Tackle Share Program" were participants can sign out an assortment of fishing tackle at no fee for the day.

Georgian Bay - SeaDoo Rentals


Georgian Bay Boat Rentals offers a variety of sea-doo's and Yamaha waverunner’s are great to rent for a day or week of fun!

1 Day rental $279.00, $2000 credit cad deposit required.



Near North Recreations - Personal Water Craft Rentals


We have a number of 3 passenger SEA DOO GTI, 4 stroke personal watercraft available to rent. They will easily pull a tube, water skier or a wake boarder. Don't have any of these accessories? Well, we do! 

Renters must be over the age of 19 with a non-restricted drivers license. Trailer & CCA approved life jackets included. A $200 deposit is required to hold your reservation.A security deposit of $1500 on VISA or MasterCard is required at time of pickup or delivery. Rental fees are paid in full prior to departure or delivery. Late return charge of $50 per 1/2 hr.

All rental fees are subject to sales tax. Tubes, Waterski's & Wakeboards also available. Fuel and insurance extra. Pick-up after 5 pm • Return before 4 pm



Magnetawan is located on the Magnetawan River between Lake Cecebe and Ahmic Lake, where there is a lock for boats to pass through the village. In pioneer days, this marine system was used to ferry goods from the railway at Burk's Falls down to Ahmic Harbour, the end of the system, where horses, wagons and the rough roads of the day took over. The lock was rebuilt a few years ago as a tourist attraction by the Ontario government and is still operating. It is in a park adjacent to a small pioneer museum.

Nipissing Ghost Road Trail

Directions from Danygraig House (About 55 minutes drive)


Big Chute Marine Railway

Big chute

It is the only marine railway of its kind in North America. Big Chute has large grounds for picnicking and boater camping.

The vessels are floated into the cradle, which is approximately 80 feet (24 m) long by 26 feet (7.9 m) wide. Four 200 horsepower (150 kW) electric motors provide traction by cable. It can transport up to a combined total of 100 short tons (91 t) in weight.[1] In this enlarged version the increased weight is borne on a dual track which keeps the carriage level (the front wheels are on a different track than the back wheels, with the front of the carriage on the upper tracks). Boats rest on the bottom of the carriage, and webbing slings are provided to support boats safely and prevent them from tipping.

This is a unique sight that moves boats from one lake into another and is part of the Trent & Severn water system.

Directions from Danygraig House (About 40 minutes drive)

Wasauksing Swing Bridge

Swing Bridge

The Wasauksing Swing Bridge spans the South Channel, a narrow channel of Georgian Bay between the Rose Point on the mainland and an island commonly known as Parry Island (the Wasauksing First Nation), near Parry Sound, Ontario.

The bridge was built by the Ottawa, Arnprior and Parry Sound Railway to provide rail access to Depot Harbour. The bridge is sometimes referred to by its former name, the "Rose Point Swing Bridge". A bridge was first built at this location in 1887 (some sources indicate 1888). This was replaced by the current structure in 1912. The twin-towered Rose Point station was formerly located immediately adjacent to this bridge on the mainland side.

The bridge is the only road access for members of the Wasauksing First Nation, as well as many summer cottages located on the island. A sidewalk has also been added to one side of the bridge.

Directions from Danygraig House (About 15 minutes drive)



Depot Harbor

Depot Harbor

Located on Wasauksing Ojibway First Nation’s territory, along the coast of Georgian Bay,

Depot Harbour is located along the coast of Georgian Bay on Parry ISland, near Parry Sound, Ontario. In 1898, lumber entrepreneur J.R. Booth built two grain elevators, making Depot Harbour a major shipping terminal for goods across Canada and the eastern United States. The town was alive with people and full of work. By the 1930’s the landscape of Depot Harbour changed significantly. The closing down of several railway lines, and the economic hardships of the Great Depression, forced many people to rely on government relief funds.

At the start of the Second World War, American businesses began sending fewer ships to the port. As such, the population of Depot Harbour started to dwindle, as people started to look elsewhere for job opportunities. In the process of tearing down the unused grain elevators in 1945, a fire erupted, destroying the storage sheds that contained explosive cordite and Australian wool from two respective companies. After the fire, the port of Depot Harbour became a coal dock, providing a limited amount of jobs for the roughly one hundred residents remaining. By mid-1950 the coal company left, and the gradual abandonment of Depot Harbour was almost complete. Although an Ojibway fisheries business sits on the coast of the Wasauksing First Nation’s land, to this day, Depot Harbour remains an abandoned landscape with few physical markings.

Native Indian PowWow


Every year we really enjoy visiting a native Indian Pow Wow celebration, they are full of wonderful sound and visual splendor, These events are not organized for tourists, Pow Wows are fun events, but they are also sacred events, they celebrate the indian spirit; you will be made to feel very welcome, but you should be respectful of Indian traditions during the ceremonies. Powwow Etiquette

12, 13, September 9th Annual Traditional pow wow, Midland

19th, 20th September Curve Lake traditional pow wow, Curve Lake

Tribal Spirit Calendar, 500 Nations Calendar, Drum Hop Calendar

Spring Jam - ATV Rally


The Parry Sound Area, with its abundance of ATV trails and a population that is somewhat predisposed to ATVing already, presents ideal conditions for the Spring Jam Festival. The three-day-long festival includes such events as a Poker Jam, an ATV Expo, guided tours of the area, and a concert.

Show your skills at the TRAX Challenge, and take part or simply watch the Rumble Ride parade through the streets of Parry Sound. Become part of this always-rousing event as well as the Parry Sound District ATV Club - the largest ATV Club in Ontario.

Frnech River

French River

The French River, approximately 130 km in length, flows from Lake Nipissing down to the Georgian Bay.  Winding through thick, lush forests, this historical waterway's shoreline features unspoiled wilderness, sheltered bays, unusual rock formations and cascading rapids.  This Heritage River system is considered to be one of the most beautiful areas in Northern Ontario.  

Rene offers an outstanding cruise on the French River to Five Fingers Rapids, an amazing day into a remote area only accessible by boat!

Directions from Danygraig House (About 1hr 30 minutes drive)

Day trip to Killarney


This quaint little village nestled at the base of the La Cloche Mountains at the entrance to the famous North Channel is steeped in history as a thriving port of call on the shores of Georgian Bay. Whether you're an avid backcountry camper, a diehard paddler, or a hiker, Killarney is sure to deliver a memorable experience.

Directions from Danygraig


Day trip to Algonquin Park


The essence of Algonquin is in its vast interior of maple hills, rocky ridges, and thousands of lakes. The only way to explore the interior of this park is by canoe or on foot.

There is also a second Algonquin – along the 56-kilometre stretch of Highway 60. Here you can enjoy camping at one of eight campgrounds, hike one of 14 trails, take part in extensive education programs, and visit Algonquin’s superlative Visitor Centre and the Logging Museum.

Directions from Danygraig (About 2 hours drive)