Construction Materials

Our standard material are high quality glossy polycarbonate 5mm, stainless steel 1.5mm, aluminium 3mm or carbon fiber sheet 3mm.

Polycarbonate is excellent because it comes fully polished, it's light, very rigid and is very durable. Under normal use it will not bend or flex.

Personally I like stainless steel & aluminium because they are thin, light, very stiff and cost effective. Real Carbon Fibre is lighter and stronger but significantly more expensive for quality raw materials.

When ordering the full DIY item you need to supply circuit, hinge, buttons, wiring & Derek Spear Design adapter.

Our DIY Part's

This approach is targeted at Sim racers who enjoy DIY projects, and do not mind ordering components from multple sources and have the skills required for basic wiring and assembly... All the precession machining is complete.

Note we do not charge extra for custom parts, we work with you to create any shape or design you like... If the part has been made before then a discount is often offered.

  • Custom Wheel Plate, all holes are pre-drilled for switches, buttons & SLI
  • Offered in Polycarbonate 5mm $45USD, 1.5mm Brushed Stainless Steel $50, 3mm Aluminium $60, 3mm Carbon Fiber $90, SLI versions add $25

    Finished StainlessSteelPlate



  • Custom Paddles, all holes are pre-drilled for switches
  • Offered in Polycarbonate 5mm $40>60USD, 1.5mm Brushed Stainless Steel $50>70, 3mm Aluminium $60>80, 3mm Carbon Fiber $80>100

    Paddles StainlessSteelPlate
  • Custom Paddle assembly
  • Offered in Polycarbonate 5mm $60USD, 1.5mm Brushed Stainless Steel $80 (exc paddles)

  • Custom Static SLI Mounts
  • Offered in Polycarbonate 5mm, 1.5mm Brushed Stainless Steel, 3mm aluminium...


    The New World of 3D Printing

    Many very complex 3D parts can now be made using 3D printing process, this really open up the world of creativity...


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Typical Parts Kit's

DIY Kit CustomPaddles
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GTE-Rear GTE-Plate
ButtonPlate ButtonPlate2
DansButtonPlate Button Plate

Do you enjoy making things, but need a little more personal project help?

Make your own button plate & paddles here at Danygraig House Bed & Breakfast, 30,000 island area, Ontario, Canada.

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